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I was born in Iran and I grew up watching my mother cook which inspired me to learn the art of home cooking.
Middle Eastern Cookery is often shrouded in mystery, if the dish has a Persian Middle Eastern name , you might think ‘Well’, that must be really hard to make when in essence there is little complexity involved in many of the recipes.
To be able to cook is a passion that I would love to share with you , I also feel food is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

My style of cooking is very much based on ingredients that can easily be sourced locally and I also love to forage from nature to bring the earthly taste into my kitchen , full of positive energy to create memorable flavours for my dishes.
Bringing family, friends and people together to share memorable food tasting experiences is my greatest pleasure.

Working with the crystals powerful energy allows me to create higher vibrational dishes. It may help stimulate your body, mind and spirit to bring you back into optimum balance and well being.

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