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Every day we are learning something new about the crystal world and as Shamans we have so much love and respect for Mother Earth and want to try our very best to source ethical crystals.
We know how easy it is to state that all crystals are ethically sourced. But to know how, what and where each crystal type proceeds with extraction, cleaning, polishing and where it has been handled can be tough. It has been difficult over the years to find truthful and honest crystal shops and sellers, when we ask where their crystals are from, they don’t always know. However, through our experience and client relations, we have learnt so much about the trade and how the exchange should be from spiritual to physical morals.


For us, it’s Everything.
On a spiritual level, ethical exchange makes a huge difference. In fact, you can feel it. Crystals feel the energy and collect what they are close to. If someone is mining a crystal in fear, pain or even sensing a minor. That energy is not going to go with a quick smudge. These crystals hold trauma and memory, which is why it is a ripple effect on different realms. Precisely if it is unethical, you are carrying the negative energy and trauma that lies within, not only that but the unknown supply chain where energies are mixed and unbalanced.

Ethical sourcing takes years. We have been very lucky to fall into the hands of a trusted supplier which has been a blessing. We always visit the warehouse once they arrive into the country straight from their ethical mines, which our suppliers visit a couple of times a year to make sure no one is being exploited, it is safe to say there is no child labour and the earths’ balance is not in any danger.
We are shown videos and photos of the mines and people that work for our suppliers and it is refreshing to say that the miners and workers are paid well and are content in the working conditions. We are happy paying that little extra to ensure procedures are followed and kept at a high standard.
Also to make sure we receive A-AAA grade crystals and mineral varieties before handing them over to you. We are honoured to share that our purchases help build schools, plant trees and protect against poaching. Thousands of families have been supplied with work to support their families.

Me and Dani are very excited to take the next step of our crystal journey and actually fly out to meet all the incredible people mining the crystals in person, this will be a very humbling and enlightening journey.
Who knows one day we may even have our own mines


I ‘Elena Amara’, love to celebrate all women and men by making them feel individual and confident every day. Because luxury is a feeling no longer defined by expense or exclusivity, but by expression and exceptional quality of craftsmanship. Me and Dani personally hand-pick all our jewellery collection from small family run businesses of Artisan jewellery makers who create with so much love and take so much pride in their work so that they can empower and uplift all those that wear the jewellery.

Coming from an artistic background, I would like to take on a new challenge and create in a whole new way, to hopefully design my own collection of jewellery and have them made by my expert craftsman. This is definitely a dream in the pipeline for the very near future.

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