Very Rare Pink Amethyst


This is a very rare pink amethyst specimen, Absolutely stunning to place in your home.A movement toward emotional balance and overall peace.

This stone is known to instill feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace. Increased intuition and clarity. Whether wearing your pink amethyst or keeping it nearby throughout the day, don’t be surprised if a deep sense of “knowing” washes over you. Beyond its aesthetic appearance, this enchanting crystal has unique properties that are said to help in the cleansing and balancing of the physical, emotional, mental levels. According to energy healers, the Pink Amethyst’s pure, high-frequency energy stimulates the Heart Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra


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Also, please note that crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment or prescription and their use is meant to be metaphysical in nature.

Weight 2,442 kilograms

hight 29 cm

Width 12 cm

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Weight 2.442 kg
Dimensions 12 × 29 cm