Since the Ancient times, people have been using crystals as tools to help them with a variety of things in life. We have created these Crystal prescriptions to give you a little magical boost when you need it the most.

Without exception each of us experiences emotional and metaphysical problems- yes, its all about the energy! 

Crystals have been used for thousands of years as magical charms, talismans and amulets to help lift the spirits, protect and attract or repel energy. They unobtrusively hide in your pocket, bag, car or even place under your pillow or work desk. Where they can quietly work their magic for you.

Working with your Crystals:

Think of your magical bag of Crystals as a physical prayer, wish or desire. An amulet to draw or repel the energy you are wishing to create. Every pouch has been designed to work for a specific energy intention.

It’s good energetic practice to ‘feed’ your bag to keep it energetically charged and activated. This can be done by a few methods.

They can either be smudged using incense or a smudge/palo santo stick, Sage or juniper essential oils are perfect!

You can place them in the sunlight to energise them or under the full Moon to cleanse them, whatever you feel is appropriate- to keep the energy strong and flowing.

Each Crystal bag has its elements selected for their therapeutic properties. I have personally cleansed and charged them before you receive them. 

Read the Full Description Below:

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A stone commonly associated with its healing powers, Unakite is used to treat the reproductive system.

Unakite jasper is one of the most well-known gemstones for fertility and pregnancy. Doulas often used it to support women during delivery because it brings such a deep centering and nurturing energy. Unakite promotes a healthy pregnancy by bringing mothers-to-be a gentle uplifting yet peaceful feeling. It also offers them patience and persistence.

Rose Quartz

Thought to target hormones and emotions, Rose Quartz is a popular crystal for treating fertility.

Keeping close to rose quartz will fill your body with a loving energy that will provide you with a sense of peace and calm throughout your pregnancy.

Rose quartz encourages self-love and self-confidence to help mothers find faith in themselves as their bodies and lives undergo the many changes of motherhood.

The loving energy provided by rose quartz also helps foster a deeper connection between a mother and her unborn child, creating a stronger bond built upon a solid foundation of love and compassion.


Opalescent in appearance, Moonstone is often used for conception, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and premenstrual syndrome.

Moonstone is one of the best fertility crystal. It balances hormones, promotes a healthy womb, and promotes conceiving naturally. It helps increase fertility and align you with your own natural rhythm, helping you to get pregnant.

Carnelian x2

Carnelian is one of the most common fertility crystals that promote fertility and energy and encourage sexuality. Carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra which is the male and female reproductive organs’ energy center and can dissolve energetic obstructions. The uterus, ovaries, vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix, testicles and prostate are also stimulated by this fertility crystal.


Rhodochrosite is a deep emotional healer and encourages self-love. It balances male and female energies. It promotes affection, friendship and togetherness. It has a happy energy and encourages physical pleasure and intimacy. During pregnancy, rhodochrosite may assist with blood circulation and normalize blood pressure. It’s also believed to protect both mom and baby during pregnancy.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz amplifies your intentions and desires. If you’re manifesting a pregnancy, it’s good to have clear quartz with you to amplify your intentions, healing, or prayer. It clears the mind of negativity and enhances higher spiritual reception.

Please note that due to the natural form of the stones they are all unique and vary in size and shape which makes them even more special .

Also please note that crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment or prescription and their use is meant to be metaphysical in nature.