ALCHEMY FOR THE SOUL DAY RETREAT Sunday 11th of September 2022


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Our purpose and intentions are to facilitate and hold sacred space to enable you to reconnect with yourself.

The divine within you is stronger than anything that is without you. We will guide you to tap into parts of yourself that may have been neglected or stagnant for a while, to trust your inner self, to improve yourself, build your character, purify the heart, develop the Divine virtues. Eradicate negative traits, and to conquer all that is base in you. Endeavour to attain all that is worthy and noble, making the lower nature the servant of the higher, through discipline, spiritual teachings, philosophies, meditation, creation, dancing, art, food, music, energy healing, sound therapy. “This is the beginning of your freedom”.


Alchemy for the Soul Welcomes you to a full day of:

  • Tranquillity
  • Meditation
  • Healing
  • Learning
  • Expressive Art
  • Chakra Dance
  • Tai-Chi
  • Energy management
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Delicious food and refreshments
  • Full Gong bath session

Above all, it will be a fun day with our group of spiritually loving, soul thriving friends. It will be a time of renewal, growth and expansion, so taking this day out will re-energise you. Furthermore, you will leave the day having learned invaluable lessons on your individual paths feel lighter, brighter, empowered and more aligned to your true authentic nature.

The tranquil location we have chosen is in a beautiful rural part of Enfield. It is a haven owned by the renowned author Adrianne Roy. The energy of her home and the grounds is mind blowing and is the perfect place to facilitate our Day Retreat.

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ALCHEMY FOR THE SOUL DAY RETREAT – Saturday 9th of September 2022

9.30am – Meet and greet with homemade delights and refreshments from Dani.

10.00am – Chakra Dance

11.15am – Morning Break

11.30am – Expressive Art

1.45pm – Lunch

2.30pm – Elena Amara – Full Moon Manifestation workshop

4.45pm – Afternoon Break

5.30pm – Gong Bath

7.00pm-7.30pm Day Retreat finishes.

Schedule –

9.30am: Meet and greet with homemade delights and refreshments from Dani.

10.00am: Chakra Dance

The Chakras are said to be the energetic gateways connecting mind, body and spirit. In Western societies, those three aspects of ourselves have been separated for far too long. By moving with dance to chakra specific music, can help you release blockages caused by old, stuck, emotional baggage. It can help you to retune and rebalance your chakras, restoring you to a blissful state of vibrant health and well-being.

We will be dancing with blindfolds exploring our depths, clearing our chakras of all blockages, feeling our energy rise and setting ourselves free and letting go of all our inhibitions.

We will then end the morning session by exploring

Tai-chi breathing technics and slow movements to ground ourselves.

11.15am – Break

11.30am Expressive Art

Elena Amara- Artist / Expressive Art Facilitator / shamanic healer / Reiki Master / Singer / and Gong Master sound therapist will be guiding you through a relaxing experience in the form of expressive art with music. You will be creating your own piece as a projection of your inner self, taking your masterpiece home with you at the end of the day as a physical representation of your journey.

Painting spontaneously encourages honest self-expression which was otherwise restricted by social judgments and personal inhibitions. Expressive arts practices generally facilitate a safe, nurturing and natural emotional release. When we express ourselves fully in a social setting, it is common to interrupt self-criticism and invite surprising new possibilities for emotional healing.

The aim of the expressive arts facilitation is to provide a space for people to experiment with spontaneous art, poetry, dance, sculpture, music and more. Participants are invited to express their thoughts and emotions on canvas, as they relate to their creative self-expression, in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance. Elena who has been an Artisan for most of her adult life witnesses and encourages the participants in their creative process.

Rorkes Rift Venue
Dani cutting Apples

1.45pm Lunch:

Prepared by our master chef Dani Nezhad, a true example of culinary excellence and profound fusion of Persian, Mediterranean and Asian cooking. Find out more: ​De-lish Food

Dani is an incredible chef; he Is of Persian ethnicity and he grew up in ‘Masouleh’ a beautiful soul enriching town in the mountains of Iran where they harvest their own organic produce.

Dani’s interest was sparked through his mothers’ mouth-watering home cooking, through her teachings Dani’s passion for food bloomed. Dani has been a chef for over 10 years and has worked in Persian, Turkish, Greek restaurants in London.

Dani is also a qualified vegan chef and has made it his mission to teach people mindfulness in their diet.

On this retreat you will experience Dani’s unique food minus the processed ingredients. The effect that this will have on you is a greater appreciation for a healthy diet and show you the wide potential for tasty healthy dishes with fresh produce.

In this chaotic world we live in, proper diet is far too often neglected and Dani will show you how to conjure up a delicious dish in no time at all.

Dani will also give a talk on the benefits of cooking with love and positive intention. When we cook with love it can change the vibration of the food and have an uplifting effect on a cellular and spiritual level.

2.30pm – Elena Amara

Full Moon manifestation workshop 

Many ask ‘How can we change our thought process and get behind the programmes that keep us behind from achieving our ultimate goals and our true happiness?’

As it will be the full moon weekend, the energy will be very auspicious and powerful so therefore, I will begin by taking you on a shamanic drumming meditation followed by guiding you to create your very own affirmation to burn away all that does not serve you in the flames of an open fire. We will then talk about ways we can choose to live life by design, and apply the tips I will be sharing with you to overcome whatever obstacles you are facing.

Obstacles give life meaning. As long as you are on the face of the earth, you will keep facing challenges. It’s up to you to change your perspective and deal with obstacles with the right mindset.

Obstacles are the stumbling blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals. They are the limiting factors that hinder you from achieving your desired dreams, and you have to overcome these obstacles to move forward in life.

It’s not enough to set goals; you need to actualise your goals. It is at the point of execution that life becomes unbearable, as unexpected setbacks and obstacles set in.

It is not an understatement to say that every success comes with challenges. Those challenges often come as problems   and you need to either solve them, or be at peace with them in order to set yourself free so that you can make the right choices to manifest your goals.

This workshop has proven to be a life changing experience, with many light bulb revelations for many participants.


4.45pm Afternoon Break

5.30pm Gong Bath:

To conclude the retreat, we invite you to participate in an immersive sound/vibrational 1-hour Gong bath.

Gongs are a sacred and ancient instrument, when played they produce a wide array of harmonics allowing the brainwaves to lower into Alpha/Theta levels. This will take you into a deep meditative state which summons a level of restoration and soul rejuvenation through the Gong Bath Sound Healing. This healing practice relaxes every part of our body, rebalancing us and also connecting us with our innate immune systems which helps combat and fight against disease, virus and bacterial attacks.

The benefits of sound Healing are endless, and a perfect way to end our day retreat.

7.00pm- 7.30pm Day Retreat finishes.

As a result of our Retreats people who have already attended have experienced the following benefits:

  • To make better decisions and to feel more empowered and confident.
  • To create abundance and prosperity leading to greater independence and stability.
  • To attract better opportunities which serves your higher self.
  • To improve your mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
  • To create more rewarding relationships, a deeper connection to others and a greater sense of community.
  • To enjoy a more fulfilling life for long term happiness.
  • To have a sense of satisfaction through doing what you love to do.
  • To save time, energy and resources by attracting right opportunities at the right time.
  • To feel a heightened state of awareness and a calmer more productive experience.
  • To feel centred, more aligned and therefore have a greater impact on others and the world around you.

What to bring:

A pen and something to write notes on, wear something comfortable on the day, bring layers with you, also a change of top, a blanket and a pillow for the meditations and Gong session later in the day.

This is more than just a day retreat – it’s a day of investment in yourself, our aim is to help you step out of life, discover your truth, open your heart to your deeper potential and embrace all the healing and delights this day has to offer with other like-minded people who support your journey.

It would be our greatest pleasure to meet and spend a day with you.