Regarding our jewellery collection In terms of enhancement, as agates are porous, they are often dyed to enhance their natural color. Generally, apart from lace agate, most of the other varieties are dyed . Some theories suggest gold jewelry turns skin green because of iron deficiency or anemia in the user’s body.
PH level in your body can get effected by the iron levels in your blood. If the PH level turns more acidic, it may cause a chemical reaction with the metals in the ring like copper and nickel.
Also due to ones body chemistry , receiving chemotherapy / radiotherapy , use of body lotions or perfumes it can cause discolouration to the agate stones or the silver/ gold plated jewellery.

Please note that due to the natural form of the stones they are all unique and vary in size, shape and colour, you will never receive an identical stone as the one seen on our website unless stated.

Also please note that crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment or prescription and their use is meant to be metaphysical in nature.