Alchemy for the Soul Sound Healing we will be using
chanting and Gong Vibration.

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Our intention is to gently transition you from your normal waking state of consciousness (beta) to a highly relaxed state of Consciousness (alpha/theta).

In this relaxed state, your own innate healing abilities should then be able to work more effectively in order to bring you back into alignment.
This process can help to bring you back into optimal vibration, offering many benefits to general health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

To understand the concept of healing with sound, one needs to first accept the concept that everything in the Universe is made from energy.

All energy vibrates at a frequency, hence all the cells, bone structure and organs of the body vibrate at an optimum frequency. When the body is vibrating at its optimum frequency, you are in the peak of physical health, happiness, contentment and well-being.
Sound healing is the practice of ‘re-tuning’ the body parts back to their optimum vibration frequency.

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What to expect

Our motto is always to “expect the unexpected” so we encourage you to have your own experience but what is most often reported is a deep sense of peace and re-connection to self after the session.

Some people are very receptive to the vibrations as their Chakra System synchronizes with the vibrations and the pyramid’s energy, to clear any emotional or mental blockages. Many often have profound healings related to physical, emotional or even mental issues by re-aligning one or more of the energy centres within the body. This reaction is referred to as a ‘release’ and if experienced, it is a true blessing and wonderful gift to receive.

Dani will also give a talk on the benefits of cooking with love and positive intention. When we cook with love it can change the vibration of the food and have and uplifting effect on a cellular and spiritual level.

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How to get the most out of your sound healing session

Come with an open heart and mind, Try and suspend any expectations or judgments before you come as well as during the practice.


This will really help to anchor you in the practice and the present. By “taking long deep breaths at the start of the sound bath, these will support you to deeply relax and encourage the body to open to the sound work”. If you find your mind wandering, gently bring the focus back to the breath, using it as an anchor for the experience.

Set an intention

Sound is a carrier of intention, so setting a personal focus for the session can be really powerful and can amplify the individual and group experience. The intention could be something you’re working on, or another beautiful way to amplify the effects is to dedicate the individual and group healing energy to someone else you feel needs some healing.

Don’t rush

Allow yourself some time at the end of the ceremony to just be, to take everything in and soak up the vibes that have been created. Take a moment to receive in the silence what shift has taken place. This helps to ground the experience and the brain to register what has happened. Stay in the room as long as you need to assimilate.


Wear comfortable clothes they can help you sink into the nurturing yin energy of the ceremony. If you have a favourite crystal, its effects can be amplified by the ceremony—try placing one on your solar plexus or heart chakra.

Create space

We at Alchemy of the Soul work diligently to create a sacred space for transformation and it’s important to honour that. So being intoxicated, visiting a jarring environment or getting straight back onto a motorbike or back to work afterwards is not advised your nervous system will be sensitive after the session, so drink plenty of water, if possible have a detoxifying Epsom salt bath and light some candles to honour the process and bring it full circle.


Or paint, or dance… whatever your chosen creative method of release is. Processing the ceremony in this way can be really helpful and offer you further insights. If writing is your thing, then stream of consciousness / free writing can be a powerful way to gain clarity on any shifts that may have taken place.

Watch what comes up

In the days, hours, weeks after. Have you received any insights on something that was troubling you? A different, higher perspective of viewing a situation? You may have revelatory dreams, or maybe the way you interact with people changes. Likewise, if you didn’t receive or feel anything, don’t be disheartened. The healing works on many different, often subtle levels that our logic-driven left brains can’t understand.

Don’t compare

Sound healing is a deeply personal experience so if you have come with a friend, don’t be put off if they’ve had a cosmic experience and you haven’t—it brings up different stuff for different people. I’ve reacted all kinds of ways, from crying to falling asleep (luckily the healing is just as effective when snoozing!).

When I experience Gong vibration or Tibetan bowl meditations all sense of time and space diminishes and I am left in no doubt that there is a higher, ancient wisdom that connects us all—a pure loving force beyond what we perceive in our daily lives.

Drink loads of water over the next few days as your body May be going through a healing process.

Our Gonging Sessions

Gong sound healing is one of the most extraordinary experiences.
Everyone’s journey is very unique and different, all you need is an open mind.
Sound healing is the practice of ‘re-tuning’ the body parts back to their optimum vibration frequency.

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