We would like to welcome you to Alchemy for the Soul……Our family business which to us is also our passion.
Alchemy for the Soul allows us to work with different modalities which include therapies, crystals, different creations and inspirations to help you on your journey.
When Dani and I met we shared a vision and wanted to combine our passions and beliefs together which led us to our path and journey to create Alchemy for the Soul.
We did this so that we could give others also the opportunity to grow spiritually and grow to a higher state of consciousness…….to be the best version of yourself, strengthen your soul in order to overcome obstacles with a positive mindset.
Manifest and feel inspired to achieve your goals and dreams!

We also facilitate well-being retreats which will help revitalise and replenish your mind, body and spirit.
Gong, sound healing, chanting, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Chakra dance, expressive art, crystal healing, intuitive spiritual guidance, meditation, shamanic drum journeys, positive talks,” and of course healthy delicious food are all part of our well being treat experience.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to share this experience with like minded people and explore the unknown Together??

Dani and Elena

We are so passionate and love working with Crystals, it’s astonishing and breathtaking what Mother Earth has created after thousand and millions of years, they are all magical and so beautiful to look at. The benefits of working with them and wearing them can be so many. During the Covid pandemic lockdown Dani and I became very creative in our home, we almost felt the Crystals guided us to manifested shamanic wands which is where our passion for Alchemy for the Soul flourished.

To give back to Mother Earth for all that she keeps giving to us, we will also be planting a tree with every purchase that you make as part of our ‘SAVE THE PLANET’ belief ethic.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.
You can read more about our individual journeys and experiences further down.

All the Greatest achievements in life have not come without blood, sweat and tears.

I have witnessed that when we apply the hard work, ride the turbulent waves, go through dark times and challenges it humbles our soul and strengthens us.  We will have a higher understanding to never feel a certain entitlement that life owes us anything other than we owe the universe our everything, our fullest gratitude for being alive and being a witness to this mysterious journey called ‘Life’.

My name is Elena Amara, where do I start? Well, let’s just say I have had a very colourful life so far, it’s been filled with experiences that many of you will resonate with and be inspired to ignite your passion and fulfil your life purpose.

My life experiences have been my education and have led me to use every tool I have gathered to facilitate well-being and spiritual growth through creation.

Alchemy For The Soul About

I grew up in a traditional Greek family feeling repressed to express myself, to be my true authentic self. I started to create, draw and paint so I could hear my voice because there was places of honesty and beauty that I went to when I expressed creatively through my art that I couldn’t always go to in my life, It’s like it allowed me to breathe.

I also loved singing and used it as another creative outlet, freeing my soul and connecting with the Divine. I would never have imagined ‘then ‘that one day I would be using my voice to Heal.

It was around 18 years ago when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to try a Gong Bath, I thought what’s that all about? Do I need to get into a bath? Hahaha, actually ‘no I didn’t! All I did was I laid on a yoga mat with a blanket and pillow, once the Gongs started to play the vibration of them washed over me Taking me on the most extraordinary journey, every cell of my body was tingling, I was seeing all the colours of the rainbow, feeling my body elevating higher and higher, totally blissed out.

When it ended I could not believe what I had just experienced and how amazing I felt, after a few days my energy levels went through the roof and there was no stopping me so I went back again until it became a regular weekly gift to myself. My creation was flowing I started channeling spiritual Art I was painting spirit guides, beautiful Goddesses, mandalas and symbolism.

Celebration became my religion and love is my message.

My soul has always been thirsty for more knowledge so I trained in Expressive Art to help people with stress and trauma.

It was phenomenal how the deep meditation I was experiencing from the Gongs was allowing me to tap into so many dimensions and other realms to the point where my intuitiveness and psychic abilities were enhancing and I was receiving messages in my dreams,  I knew I had to use this gift  so I went on to train in alternative therapies such as Reiki, crystal healing, Indian Head massage and shamanic healing, the greatest pleasure was seeing and witnessing people feeling better and having a more positive mindset.

How did we begin to play the Gongs?

In 2017 I had met my twin flame, the Universe finally realigned our souls to meet, we both believe our meeting was guided by the Divine.

Having the same interests one evening Dani and I went to a Shamanic Concert at the Union Chapel and it was whilst a Gong Master was playing the Gongs that ‘blew Dani and I away!

I was a huge lover of sound healing and I had always felt the benefits from it but Dani had never experience anything like that before, we had the most extraordinary journey through the sound and vibration of the Gongs, it was at that point we felt that we had a spiritual calling ‘we both looked at each other and knew we were going to embark on a new and exciting adventure together, we decided to enrol ourselves for Gong training with the wonderful and renowned Sarah Gregg.

Our lives have not been the same since, something incredible had flourished within both of us and couldn’t wait to share it with the world.
I always had a passion for singing and finally all those years of practice had finally came into good use, these days I use my voice for chanting during the sound healing which allows people to have a deeper experience.

The positive transformations that occur for people is truly the greatest gift for us, it’s so rewarding to be a part of their spiritual growth and journey.


He is an incredible chef, he Is of Persian ethnicity, he grew up in ‘masouleh’ a beautiful soul enriching town in the mountains where they harvest their own organic produce.

Dani took a big interest when his mother used to cook all these interesting mouth-watering dishes and asked her to teach him. This is when his passionate relationship with food began.

Dani has been a chef for over 10 years and has worked in Persian, Turkish, Greek restaurants in London.

Dani is also a qualified vegan chef and has made it his mission to teach people to eat mindful and to choose a healthier option using fresh ingredients.

Dani will teach you simple steps to replace processed ingredients with fresh ones. In this very busy fast paced world we live in ‘Dani will show you how to conjure up a delicious dish in no time at all.

Dani will also talk about cooking with love as the intention we cook can change the vibration of the food once absorbed in our digestive system.

So now you know where our name ‘Alchemy for the Soul ‘was inspired from. It’s everything you need to be empowered, enriched, nourished, inspired, and replenished to turn your soul into Gold.