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Dani and Elena



We are very passionate about Alchemy for the Soul. It is with great pleasure, joy and love that we individually hand pick ethically sourced crystals and jewellery.
We would like to give back to the Earth for endlessly giving to us all.


Shamanic Crystal Wands

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Alchemy for the Soul play Host to Individual Session and Group Events

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What our clients have said about us.


Shamanic Wand

When looking for a wand I spoke with Elena and told her what I needed she was spot on.
Since getting my wand it has been an experience it allows me to find the meaning and purpose in life it allows me to seek meaningful connection and increase my positive emotions I like to sit quietly with floating candles and incense and soft music I can then try and relax I like to take in deep breath‘s and slowly release them through my mouth this makes me feel calm I feel a beam of energy passing through my body to release any stress worries and any negativity with positive thoughts


Shamanic Wand

I knew as soon as I saw Elenas magic wand at a retreat we did that I wanted one. Elena made it specifically for me with crystals in mind to enhance my work and my personal life. I use it in my therapy room to help me to cleanse between clients and to keep my mind and body in tune with clients without getting attached. I have bought two large wands for friends that I felt would also benefit from using them in their work. Elena is super talented and I would now be lost without my wand. Always grateful.


2nd Day Retreat

Attended my 2nd day retreat yesterday, and WOW what an amazing experience. Both have been so different but very rewarding.
Elena and Dani are such warm and welcoming people.
A day filled with lots of energy shifting, chakra balance dancing, creative art, intuition work, an hour of gong bath meditation and mouth watering dishes made by Dani which keep you going back for more.
Can’t wait for the next one.
Highly recommended and addictive.


Day Retreat

Amazing! I could feel the vibrations healing different parts of my body immediately… my husband went into a mediative state and found it so relaxing. We’ll definitely be back. Thank you so much.


Gong Bath Session

The most incredible experience I have ever had, I cannot explain the feeling during and after my Gong Bath session. Really helped with my sleeping and feeling grounded!


Gong Bath Session

Fabulous experience! Wasn’t sure what to expect. During the Gong Bath It was relaxing and comforting during the session. Elena and her partner Dani are very welcoming and yet highly professional. That night my lower back pain disappeared and stayed away for the next 4 nights, which I put down to being so relaxed and having tension released. Have continued to attend and have a different experience each time. Thank you both!


Gong Bath

Hi everyone, ok so I just want to share this with you all.
Last week I had some symptoms of Coronavirus which were in my opinion quite mild and manageable. I had started to feel better but about a week later started to feel like I was struggling with my breathing.

I took myself to rest in bed when Elena had called me up. Her timing couldn’t have been more on point.

I was sitting in my own anxiety and the negative thoughts that were rushing through my head with my breath being so shallow had got away with me and started to make me feel more anxious and panicky and somewhat tearful.
All of my fears after spending the last month or so watching the news, all of this low vibration energy had started to take its toll on me. I started to feel quite low and drained and in turn felt poorly again.

Now, I’m normally quite a positive person and with being a reiki therapist, I meditate daily, to keep my vibration high but somehow, I allowed the negativity to find its way in.

Elena reminded me how important it is to keep my vibration and frequency high so I can rise back up and fight the virus.

She spent an hour with me over the phone whilst she gave me a gong bath and her voice whilst she chanted and sang, she truly sounds like an angel.

The frequency that the sound of the gongs and her voice where sending to me were not only relaxing and therefore calmed my panic down and feel asleep but also when I woke in the morning it felt like my breathing was easier and my spirits were lifted back up again.

I could with total belief and confidence say that it felt like the gongs saved me that night. Thankyou my sweet soul, Elena.

It was a big lesson and a reminder for me how important it is to keep our vibration up as to not allow illness or disease to set in and take over.

So rise up! Eat well, take that walk, sing, meditate, dance……and don’t forget to laugh along the way.


Gong Bath

Hi Elena thank you so much for tonight. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For me I feel so much more relaxed and am sure I will see more benefits in the next few days. I definitely did feel vibrations go through my body which is amazing. Your voice is beautiful and very soothing! We’ll definitely book again soon.


Gong Bath Session

Last year I went to a gong bath session at a local yoga studio and I thought it was not for me.
After popping onto Elena’s live Instagram session I honestly was surprised, I felt the gong bath so effective it actually blew me away. Elena mou you have a very powerful gift my friend. Thanks again.


Day Retreat

Attended my 1st retreat yesterday, WOW !!!
what an amazing experience!
Amazing and enlightening to see everyone, and to also interact with everyone.
It really made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.
Thank you Elena and Dani,
Much Love to you all and keep yourself blessed!

Free UK Delivery

To show our appreciation for all your support we are offering Free UK delivery.

Ethically Sourced

We take great pride in our ethically sourced crystals and jewellery. Ethical sourcing takes years but we have been very lucky to fall into the hands of a trusted supplier which has been a blessing. We are honoured to share that our purchases help build schools, plant trees and protect against poaching. Thousands of families have been supplied with work to support their families.

Individually Hand Picked

It is with our greatest pleasure that we hand pick all of our crystals and jewellery making them even more special and unique.
We are happy paying that little extra to ensure procedures are followed and kept at a high standard.
Also to make sure we receive A-AAA grade crystals and mineral varieties before handing them over to you.